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People like you and I are currently making a full-time income using YouTube. Some have quit their jobs, started businesses, and generated revenue from ads and lucrative brand partnerships that have allowed them the freedom and lifestyle to focus on their passion and make money sharing it with the world as a YouTube video content creator. The crazy part about that is that they do this all without having to be a celebrity YouTuber with millions of followers. 

How do I know? Because I'm one of them.
 Meet Your Teacher

What's going on aspiring YouTuber! My name is Curtiss King. I am an award winning musician and the owner of the inspirational and informative YouTube channel CurtissKingTV!

In 2015, I began my YouTube journey like most aspiring YouTubers: I was super excited about  recording videos about the things that I love and sharing them with world. As a person that loves to help people I felt like YouTube was the perfect platform for me to share my thoughts. 

Not to mention, when I found out that there were small YouTube channels that were making a full-time income creating video content, I became addicted to understanding the ins and outs of YouTube. My only problem was...

I had no idea what the hell I was doing. 
And I was terrible on camera. 😳

To solve this issue I committed myself to researching as much information as I could. But unfortunately, after a bunch of dead end Google searches, vague YouTube videos, and uninspiring blog posts it all started to become extremely overwhelming.

But after my burn out 🔥 
came a HUGE blessing... 🙏

And after spending hundreds of dollars on courses and spending countless hours using trial and error, I slowly but surely began to figure it all out.

What was the major key? 🔑

It all really boiled down to two things:
Understanding the power of KEYWORDS.
And developing a SYSTEM.

While other YouTubers were obsessing over fighting the ever changing YouTube algorithm by trying to cheat it, I focused my efforts on creating an indestructible and YouTube compliant system to grow my channel. 💪💪💪 

With this system I was able to easily grow my YouTube channel organically from...

900 subscribers to 170,000 subscribers! 📈

And as I worked to tweak and perfect my YouTube growth strategy, not only did my views and subscribers go up, but my YouTube revenue began to rise too!

CurtissKingTV YouTube Earnings 👀💰

The Best Part? We Did Without Paying For A Single Ad!!!

Now for the first time ever I am making my system available to aspiring YouTubers like you within my course...


 What You'll Learn
How To Gain More Views & Subscribers.
Learn how to organically grow your YouTube following through properly optimizing your YT SEO: Video Titles, Descriptions, Tags & much more.
How To Plan,  Edit, & Record Your Videos.
Learn the behind the scenes process of topic planning, recording, and editing YouTube videos by  popular YouTuber
Curtiss King (170k Subs)
How To Make Money With Your Videos.
Learn how to easily monetize your video content, meet your YT partner requirements, and attract major brand deals and collaborations. 
How To Create Better Videos and Thumbnails
Learn how to become more comfortable in front of the camera as you talk about the topics that you are most passionate and comfortable talking about. Learn how to strategically attract your online tribe!
 Course Lessons

Lesson 1: The GrowTUBE Mindset

Lesson 2: YouTube Channel Checklist

Lesson 3: Video Equipment And Setup

Lesson 4: YouTube SEO 101

Lesson 5: How to Properly Upload

Lesson 6: How to Create Attention Grabbing Thumbnails

Lesson 7: Understanding YT Analytics

Lesson 8: My YouTube Strategy

+10 Bonus Videos!

 Watch How I Record My Videos

 Watch How I Edit My Videos

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